Who we are

PollWatchUSA is a non-partisan way to crowd source reporting problems at the polls on election day. When a voter uses PollWatchUSA to report a problem, it's mapped on our website and reported to the relevant election administration. The data we collect is open and accessible through an API.

Our goal is to facilitate solving those problems as quickly as possible so that any voter who wants to vote is able to do so easily.

PollWatchUSA is a joint project of Common Cause/NY, Reboot and Volkan Unsal and won first prize at the Civic Engagement Hackathon sponsored by the Personal Democracy Forum in June, 2012.


Pollwatch is incredibly grateful for the work of its partners:


Susan Lerner

Susan Lerner is the Executive Director of Common Cause/NY. She speaks and writes extensively on redistricting and campaign finance reform. Currently, she is a founding member of a new coalition, NY Women Vote, to educate and mobilize women to participate in the democratic process. She is the project sponsor, instigator, partner wrangler, and brings her deep knowledge of electoral reform to make sure that the solutions we devise are focused on the core problem.

Volkan Unsal

Volkan is a software craftsman, a hackathon junkie, and enjoys nothing more than working with small and extraordinary teams who are making a dent in the universe. He's our ace developer and the reason that pollwatch is fast, reliable and exists as more than some scribbles on paper.

Jeremy Canfield

Jeremy is a Service Designer. He specializes in designing better citizen experiences. He scored his open gov chops as one of the first class of Code for America fellows and loves working with people who love what they do. He's working hard to make sure the design of pollwatch is as easy to use as voting should be, but isn't. Yet.

Katherine Peters

Kathryn Peters is the co-founder of TurboVote, a service that makes voting as easy as renting a DVD from Netflix. Her belief in better democracy has taken her from campaign organizing in rural Missouri to political rights monitoring in Afghanistan. In 2011, Katy was honored as one of Forbes magazine's '30 Under 30' in the field of law and policy. She's provided critical advice and connected the Pollwatch team to many of the resources and folks necessary for its success.

Alexis Grenell

Alexis is an amazing independent communications and media consultant specializing in New York politics. You should follow her on Twitter. She's making sure that the right people know what pollwatch is, and also making sure the pollwatch team doesn't put our collective foot in our mouth when we talk to those right people (kind of a miracle worker, actually). She also writes about politics for publications such as the New York Post, City & State, and appears on NY1.

Alumni Credits

Pollwatch has been significantly advanced through the help of John Yung, who was critical to helping us launch the app at hackathon and Michal Alter, who kept us lined up and moving during the post-hackathon lull that sinks many projects.

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